Matthew 8:26

And he saith until them, why are ye fearful, O ye of little faith? Then he arose, and rebuked the winds and the sea; and there was a great calm.

If you’ve played tournament golf, there are great odds you have had a round when you three-putted for a double, hit the following drive out of bounds, then hit the next tee shot behind a tree. At this point, your mind started spinning and already thinking you have sabotaged your round. All of your buddies are going to see a score starting with an “8” beside your name. Our daily lives are no different. We wake up feeling great and then life happened. Whether it be waking up to a sick child, a spouse in a bad mood, or getting behind an accident on the interstate making you late for an important meeting, we all have been there and think it’s the end of the world. However, when we look back at the end of day we realize we have an overall healthy child, a usually loving spouse, and still a job to go to the next day. For some reason, we think our bad days on the golf course are worse than each of the three instances combined when we are “in the moment.” God taught his disciples many lessons in a relatively short period of time. One of the greatest is that He is in control of all circumstances. Even though they were professionals of navigating the sea, they quickly realized they had no control over the wind or tide and looked to Jesus in the midst of the trouble. Accordingly, he calmed the storm and then the disciples, only after he challenged their lack of faith. When you find yourself in a “storm of life”, recognize He is in control, call upon Him for action, then relax and allow him to work in the matter. Too many times we try to make the hero shot over the tree in front of us instead of punching out back onto the fairway for the clear approach. In our lives, we need to do the same – call upon the Master and let him do all of the “punching!” The approach will be much clearer!

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