Acts 4:12

Neither is there salvation in any other: for there is none other name under heaven given among men, whereby we must be saved.

There’s nothing like finding that golf swing tip on YouTube which has eluded you your whole life. Whether it be alignment or a grip too weak not allowing you to close the club face at impact, you feel like you’ve stolen the secret recipe to the Colonel’s chicken at least a round or two. Amazingly and thankfully we have that tip for a successful life when we accept Jesus Christ as our Lord and Savior. Not only do we have the key to this life, but accepting Jesus gives us the “key” to eternal life!! The happiness we get when we buy a new set of clubs, a new driver, or even a new car is fleeting and only lasts for a season. The clubs will gradually become worn, another new “hot” driver will be released next month, and the payment coupons for the new car will arrive in the mail before the free tank of gas is gone. However, the joy from salvation is everlasting – forever making an eternal change from a bondage of earthly desires to a life of a greater calling. Would we not give our friend at least a gentle nudge if he was “lined up” out of bounds? He may have the most beautiful technically efficient golf swing ever seen by man, but if he is pointed in the wrong direction he is going to be walking in the rough, in the woods, or even worse out of bounds. The same can be said for our good deeds or works. We can be active in every community charity, wear a suit to the Easter Sunday service and say “God Bless You” every time the person next to us sneezes, but in the end these works will be all for naught if a personal relationship with Christ is missing. Just as we would help out a friend “lined up” in the wrong direction on the tee box, we should have a greater desire to point him/her in the right direction for eternal salvation. The Holy Spirit will never lead in the direction to the “rough” of life or its many hazards. My prayer for today is to have a greater boldness and desire to guide those around us to a true relationship with Christ.

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