Proverbs 16:33

The lot is cast into the lap; but the whole disposing thereof is of the Lord.

Lots were cast in Biblical times to seemingly determine the will of God. Today, the Irish and non-Irish alike will celebrate St. Patrick’s Day by wearing green, drinking green, and arguing about Irish heritage. All of the green and four leaf clovers associated with today supposedly give us good luck and a day without getting pinched. We have been told about luck all of our lives. When we hole a shot from 30 yards after blading the chip and it hits the pin perfectly, our friends call it luck and shake their heads. When we make that 70 foot snake of a putt, we feel ashamed to be even pick it up out of the cup. It seems like very year at the Players Championship, we see a ball hit the wooden barrier surrounding the island green 17th hole and either carom in the water or on the green. The Bible does not support the impact of luck or karma in our daily lives. We may put forth a series of actions, but the Lord determines the result. Some may say we are lucky to get that dream job, but did we not put forth the work to get the opportunity? Conversely, we say it was just bad luck to get a flat on the way to the interview for that seemingly dream job. Later, we learn why we didn’t get that position at Enron. How about that morning when we went back into the house to get our phone delaying us two minutes and there was an car accident that happened two minutes ahead of us on the interstate? When we characterize a result as lucky, we shorten the hand of our God presupposing He did not or could not have acted. How many times have you randomly thought of someone to invite to church and then you ran into him/her at the grocery store? It was a divine appointment orchestrated from above. Take advantage of these opportunities. My prayer today is to give God the credit for his hand in my life. I pray for greater understanding to see His purpose in everything.

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