2 Chronicles 20:37

Then Eliezer the son of Dodabah of Mareshah prophesied against Jehoshaphat, saying, Because thou hast joined thyself with Ahaziah, the Lord hath broken thy works. And the ships were broken, that they were not able to go to Tarshish.

There are special days when we are fully zoned in and mentally dedicated to a round of golf- full concentration on every shot, able to block out all any unnecessary thoughts, with a full pre-shot routine. We are “even par” going to the back nine and then decide we can freestyle on in to the clubhouse. One bogey on 11 leads to another on 12, which leads to a double on 14, and then find ourselves posting the dreaded 81. As king of Judah, Jehoshaphat was a faithful servant of God ridding much of the idolatry among the people. However, after great victories against enemies and fortifying his nation as the king, he later made alliances with evil leaders. They intended to go into business together building ships and embarking in the international shipping trade. Such partnerships with evil was distasteful to the Lord. He put in end to these enterprises by destroying the fleet of ships! We rightfully enjoy the blessings bestowed upon us by God because of our dedication and faithfulness. However, many times after triumph we feel we deserve our own independent endeavors for our own satisfaction and gain. This mentality is similar to the cheat day after a successful diet regime. This one day leads to a cheat weekend, ultimately resulting in our previous eating habits. Often times, these desires are contrary to God’s will for the direction in our lives. We think, “I’ve been blessed with a pay raise, God must want me to trade in my 2017 model for a 2019.” Not all open doors are opened by God. Past success does not always predict future successes. We must be diligent in seeking God’s will for our direction and our alliances. Living our lives in a mode of freestyle or cruise control results in the unnecessary careless bogeys of life.

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