Daniel 10:3

I ate no pleasant bread, neither came flesh nor wine in my mouth, neither did I anoint myself at all, till three whole weeks were filled.

One is the best things about the Spring golf season is the ability to shed those sweaters, jackets and winter gloves. It may mostly be mental, but I’ve never felt totally free wearing anything covering my hands or arms. Those things intended for warmth feel restrictive and not conducive for a full flowing swing. In the scripture above, we are told about Daniel’s fast. He abstained from partaking anything which could cloud his body or mind. He then was able to fully comprehend and see God’s plan, vision and instructions. Even though we are not commanded to fast, it is necessary to separate ourselves from the things that hinder our spiritual visions. Replacing hours of social media, television and our smart phone apps each day with prayer, Bible study and meditation cleanses our minds and renews our spirit. It doesn’t have to be for a month or even a week, but the reward lasts as long as we are able to abstain. If reading Facebook posts make us depressed and angry, why do we continue to feed our souls with such negativity? If we complain about the language on cable television and how there is nothing descent to watch, why do we still pay and allow it in our homes? “Trash in, trash out.” Just as our physical bodies can’t effectively function on a greasy or sugar based diet, our spirituality cannot grow or function properly on a diet of discord and discontent. My prayer is to be cognizant of the things in my life which thwart spiritual sanctification and to have the strength and boldness to eliminate those things from my diet.

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