3 John 1:4

I have no greater joy than to hear that my children walk in truth.

No matter what Tiger does during today’s final round of the Masters, a new generation was able to experience the magic of the “Tiger Roar.” Yesterday, he made a serious push for another green jacket by making six birdies in route to a five under par 67. Of course, the younger generation is able to watch video clips of vintage Tiger back in the day. However, it is something special to see our children enjoy Tiger 2.0 in real time and have the same memories as we did 20 years ago. It is most joyous, however, for a parent or a spiritual elder to see a younger generation follow Christ. We know how difficult life is and will continue to be for this new generation. They have unimaginable temptations and distractions. We also know the importance of having Christ in our lives at an early age. The joy of seeing a young person accept Christ as personal Savior should validate not only our influence on his/her young life, but also it should strengthen our faith that Christ is working within this generation. I sincerely believe Christ is striving to uplift the youth of today to generate a revival throughout the world. Our generation has often neglected spiritual matters and the importance of the church. Many of our churches are comprised of youth and grandparents. The 20-50 age group is largely missing from the church. We should always be in prayer for our youth. We pray for their spiritual strength and guidance. When we see the evidence of a youth embracing truth and spiritual wisdom, we should rejoice and give them that signature Tiger “fist pump” of approval! I also pray they are able see a couple of those around noon today!!

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