Ecclesiastes 1:18

For in much wisdom is much grief: and he that increaseth knowledge increaseth sorrow.

We started playing golf with a goal of breaking 100, then 90, then 80, and then the often elusive goal of breaking par for just one round. Once we hit each of these milestones, we are satisfied momentarily, but soon thereafter desire to get to the next level on a consistent basis. When we regularly post scores in the 80’s, we aren’t satisfied with any round in the 90’s. Before long, golf is no longer fun because of our own unrealized expectations of improvement. The above-quoted scripture identifies the same problem with man’s never ending desire to attain earthly knowledge. There is nothing wrong with knowledge and the pursuit of a higher education. The desire to learn is admirable, but creates internal discord when man’s pursuit of knowledge causes internal strife and discontent. The more wisdom a man obtains, the greater the realization of the things he does not know or understand. Discontent and sorrow follows the mind of man who feels ignorant. This peril is evidenced by the growing number of “twenty somethings” graduating with a worthless degree and student loan debt well into six figures. Consider also the Pharisees who knew the black and white written law by memory, frontwards and backwards. However, when confronted by spiritual application, they desperately mocked or asked double-edged questions which were meant to demean the power of Christ. The wisdom and spiritual knowledge of Christ is the only satisfying truths which provide a real peace and comfort. When we abide in Him, study His Word and worship His holy name, we grow spiritually as we are able to discern matters unavailable by a text book or professor. When we grow spiritually, we increase our knowledge of His truths and teachings. As a result, we are not confounded or bogged down by the problems of the world. We realize not all truths can be explained scientifically. We strive for higher levels of spirituality because we know the result of its blessings. Some may say “higher levels, higher devils”, but those higher levels also produce higher levels of guidance and protection!

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