1 John 4:7

Beloved, let us love one another: for love is of God; and every one that loveth is born of God, and knoweth God.

Television networks are placing more and more microphones on and around the golfers to enhance the viewer’s perspective. We can hear the caddie and golfer discuss the proper club, shot shape, and aiming point like the television tower in the background. A few weeks ago, I caught the negative aspect of having the access to conversations inside the ropes. I will not name names, but the golfer just finished his swing into a par 3 surrounded by water. A spectator shouted out, “Get in the water!” The tour player immediately looked toward the crowd and replied, “get that f’er out of here.” In a span of 30 seconds, we saw a microcosm of our society. Our society would rather see someone fail than succeed. Many feel they have an entitlement and the ability to act or speak according to the entitlement whether it be having status on Tour or having bought a ticket to an event. Where is the love in our world? The greatest commandment after all is to love despite the circumstances. Love does not wish ill will onto anyone no matter if he/she wishes it upon us. One is able to discern the origination of our intentions by determining whether love is present. If it involves love, it is from God. Our world does not subscribe to belief that everyone deserves love. A desire to have a person ejected from our lives solely based on the fact he has intentions contrary to ours is not based on love. Before we were believers, Christ had a different plan and intention for each of our lives. We, while we were yet sinners, were loved by Christ. Most of us told him to “get out of here” many times before we finally allowed Him into our lives. Jesus and the early Christians while attempting to establish the church were ridiculed, defamed and cursed because of their intentions rooted by love. If we find our flesh detesting someone, odds are he/she is someone in need of our love! There is no better way to show the power of God by giving our love to someone who does not expect it!

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