Proverbs 14:1

Every wise woman buildeth her house: but the foolish plucketh it down with her hands.

I’m not sure if she doesn’t understand the intricacies of the game or she just has so much faith in my ability, but my mother never fails to ask me if I made a hole in one after a round of golf. No one in our lives exhibits the love of God greater than our mothers. No matter what we’ve done, she gives us that benefit of doubt and the encouragement knowing we can be better. The Godly mother or wife lays the spiritual foundation of the house. She was the one we ran to when we wrecked our bicycle. She was the comforter after that tragic breakup in middle school. She was the one who sat beside us and said a bedtime prayer during our childhood. The scripture above proves the importance of the mother and wife in the household. In contrast, the woman who neglects her family and chases the fads or lusts of the world allows her house to go to wreck or ruin. John Gill in his “Exposition of the Bible” noted Leah and Rachel built up the house of Israel by good housewifery, prudent economy, looking well to the ways of the household, guiding the affairs of her house with discretion, keeping all things in a good decorum, bringing up her children in virtue, and in the fear and admonition of the Lord. Just as Christ is the “rock” of the Church, the mother is the foundation of the household. If you still have your mother in your life, let her know how much her presence and influence is appreciated. If she has gone on to Glory, relish in your memories of her and how she always had faith in your potential!

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