Hosea 7:9

Strangers have devoured his strength, and he knoweth it not: yea, gray hairs are here and there upon him, yet he knoweth not.

Many of us have finished the front nine of life and made the turn toward the clubhouse. It is important to take reflection of our lives no matter the number of our years. The afore-quoted scripture speaks to the weak and declining state of Israel, but also can be applied to our lives. Some of us avoid the mirror all together so as not to see what may be there. Others attempt to “dye their hair” in order to create a false sense of reality or righteousness. The Bible is to be used as the mirror of the believer. It reveals to us the reality of the state of our souls. Some believe if they do not consider the truths of the scripture, conviction will not be applied to the state of the soul. Thus, they stay far away from the church, the Bible, or clear of anyone preaching its convicting power in the life of the sinner or one who may be in a backslidden condition. Others have been deceived into thinking their self-righteousness or “church face” is sufficient. They compare their spiritual state with those around them and deem their “goodness” equal as anyone else who considers himself “saved.” No matter what we believe, the mirror of the Bible reflects what is true, what is pure, and what is just. The “gray hairs” of time cannot be ignored or altered to another state from within. A “gray hair” is gray no matter what color it is dyed. Let us be thankful for the Word and those who preach it’s truths. It reaches the depths of our hearts which we may avoid considering. When we address our own deficiencies, we become stronger spiritually and this inward strength is reflected outwardly in a true, pure, and undeniable manner!

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