Ephesians 3:16

Now unto him that is able to do exceeding abundantly above all that we ask or think, according to the power that worketh in us,

Many of our local golf clubs allow those who reach the age of 62 to hit from the tees which are two sets up from the back. If you are not familiar, golf courses have different sets of tees set at varying distances presumably for different skill levels. Somewhere down the line, the forward or usually “red tees” became known as the “ladies tees” and the next set back called the “senior tees.” The different sets of tees allow people of varying ages and skill levels compete on the same course, but different degrees of difficulties based upon yardages. I played in a pro am a few weeks ago and got grouped with a recent retiree who had just turned 62. He had never played in a pro am and I informed him of his reward of being able to move up a set of tees. He refused to hit from the “senior tees” because of pride even after I informed him he is missing out on a better opportunity to win. After just a couple holes, it was clear he needed to hit from the closer teeing area. In contrast, I have played with others over the age of 62 who can still drive the ball over 250 yards, yet continue to hit from the senior area because “they earned it” by living long enough. Interestingly, many of the younger generation who know the difficulty of the game of golf and the limitations of their game continue to hit from the back tees because of ego and a certain amount of machismo. Many Christians are hitting from the wrong set of tees spiritually. We are limiting the power of the Holy Spirit in our lives. The scripture tells us He is able to do things in our lives above and beyond what we are able to think or request of Him. Many of us who have been “saved” for decades still act as if our God needs us to hit from the forward tees. Yes, we may think we will have an easier, less demanding life from the forward tees, but we are missing out not only of the views from the tips but also His rewarding greater presence. Our God is still capable of healing the sick and making the lame walk again. He will provide us all the necessities as well as many of our “wants” in life. Most importantly, if you have not accepted Jesus as Christ and put your faith in Him, he is able to perform the greatest miracle of all by healing the spiritually sick! Each of us need to assess our spiritual state on a daily basis. Demand His strength, call upon His power and move back a set of tees!

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