Luke 17:32

Remember Lot’s wife!

Golfers need to have the same limited short term memory as place kickers in football. The reality is that both usually have to deal with a little success and a bunch of highlighted failures. It is easy to focus or dwell on every missed putt from three feet or missed extra point. We must remember future results are not always indicative from past failures. In our Christian life, the devil loves for us to relive our past sins and failures. It is then when he is able to make us vulnerable and attempts create self doubt of our salvation or the power of Christ in our lives. Of all the influential women mentioned in the Bible, we are specifically commanded to remember Lot’s wife. Her name is not even given to us in the scripture. Her actions spoke so emphatically that her name isn’t necessary to us. As you recall, Lot warned his entire family of the impending destruction of Sodom. His wife was warned not to look back during the getaway. She did not heed the command and was turned into a pillar of salt. Some commentators believe she was looking back to see if her daughters were following behind or if her father’s house survived the destruction. In either case, we all are susceptible to looking back at our past in times of turmoil. Our recall usually returns to past failures instead of any successes. There is no room or time to worry about the things we leave behind in our journey with Christ. In order to grow and advance spiritually, we have to trust God and realize he controls our future. Dwelling on the past usually results in us focusing on our own personal physical weaknesses and creates doubt in God’s plan and security. We must strive forward knowing God’s will is perfect and He will be present with the believer each step of the journey. There is no real departure when we bring the past along with us!

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