2 Timothy 2:6

But shun profane and vain babblings: for they will increase unto more ungodliness.

It is impossible for CBS, TNT, or the Golf Channel to filter out the guys who yell “Mashed Potatoes!” and “Get In The Hole!” at PGA Tour events. No matter who it is and how long the hole, there is invariably one of these guys around the tee box on Sunday’s fourth round. I’m not sure if it is idiocy, alcohol or both, but this “joke” has exceeded its expiration date. Paul in his letters to Timothy warned of preachers and teachers who talk and speak just to hear themselves talk. They speak nothing substantive even though they may use eloquent words and creative phrasings. Paul taught that ungodliness is the consequence of listening to or adhering to those who say nothing of worth. Not only do they do nothing good for the gospel, but these types hinder godliness and man’s ability to walk closely with the Savior. The onus is on us to be well-studied of the word to be able to discern what thus saith the Lord from some newly contrived doctrine concocted by man. Paul taught to stay away from the “Mashed Potatoes” guy. He yells nothing of substance and causes unnecessary confusion and anger among the brethren.

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