Psalms 51:12

Restore unto me the joy of thy salvation; and uphold me with thy free spirit.

Remember the excitement when you took that new driver out to the course for the first time? The hope and the high expectations of a better game is like going out with high school crush for the first time. The length of both honeymoon phases were similar in duration. We had that same excitement when we first repented of our sins and placed our faith in Jesus Christ. The excitement to share our salvation story and testimony can dim as time as goes on. We become satisfied and in a comfort zone. We don’t lose our salvation, but we have lost our joy of it. Sometimes it is due to a backslidden condition and other times it is just a state of discontent or the feeling of a strained relationship. We gradually lose our zeal for Bible study, have no confidence in our prayers and Sunday worship feels more like a routine. David had many of these same feelings as he found himself in a sinful state. He knew he still had a relationship with God, but his excitement and passion had faded due to his own actions. Our salvation is eternally secured by the covenant of grace. When we find ourselves in sin, the joy of salvation will be interrupted and discontinued. Both David and Peter requested such pardon and a fresh anointing by showing a renewed interest in salvation. The greater the previous zeal for Christ, greater is the disappointment in finding oneself separated from his Savior. However, the rededication of a backslidden Christian provides a wonderful testimony to the lost. Spurgeon preached, “the men who should teach others the ways of God are those who have, themselves, been pardoned.” Therefore, if you feel “that spark” for Christ has dimmed, don’t waste any time. Pray that the joy of salvation be restored. The world needs us all at our full strength!

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