Joshua 2:4

And the woman took the two men, and hid them, and said thus, There came men unto me, but I wist not whence they were:

Peggy Kirk Bell was enshrined in the World Golf Hall of Fame yesterday. Many consider this bestowed honor as coming decades too late. Bell died in 2016 at the age of 95. She was a pioneer woman in the golf instruction arena, but also had a remarkable amateur career winning a major with this status as well as many notable amateur titles. She began her “Golfari” golf camps over 50 years ago and instructed and shaped the games of over 20,000 females. Bell was a charter member of the LPGA. Even though her recognition yesterday came decades late, her impact on the game of golf would have been remembered regardless of this enshrinement.

After being promised the vast territory, Joshua sent out two spies to scout out the land to include Jericho. The King Of Jericho caught wind of the plan and sent out henchmen to apprehend the two spies. The King’s plan was thwarted by the woman mentioned in Joshua 2. She hid the spies on the roof of her house and covered them with stalks of flax. When the threat subsided, she instructed the spies to go into the mountains and stay for three days. Before their departure, she secured the promise she and her family would be remembered and “saved” when the territory is soon taken. We do not even know the woman’s name, yet her actions spoke volumes. She told the spies how she had heard about the Lord drying up the Red Sea allowing for safe passage and the great victory over the Amorites. She then proclaimed in verse 11, “And as soon as we had heard these things, our hearts did melt, neither did there remain any more courage in any man, because of you: for the LORD your God, he is God in heaven above, and in earth beneath.” We often get caught up in the accomplishments of men or those who have a readily recognizable name in the Bible or in the landscape of sports. Women, however, have played a great part in the accomplishment of God’s plan and ministry just as they have in the success and progress growing the game of golf. Their dedication and selflessness have provided a path for the future successes of the gospel. The woman’s only request to the spies in return for the given protection was for them to remember her and her family. In Joshua 2:3, she made her full petition for “that ye will save alive my father, and my mother, and my brethren, and my sisters, and all that they have, and deliver our lives from death.” Our prayer should also be for the salvation and the deliverance of our family. This deliverance includes the protection of our children from the lure of drugs, alcohol, and the many other pressures they face on a daily basis. May they continually be covered with “stalks of flax.”

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