Genesis 32:12

And thou saidst, I will surely do thee good,

Whenever we make a decision to buy a membership to a golf course or country club, we take the total price and divide it by the rounds we will likely play during the month or year. The cost per round usually amounts to two or three times the cost of a round by a non-member. Some courses are private and thus only members and their guests are permitted to enjoy the course and facilities. Just like gym memberships, memberships at public golf courses are usually not sound financial investments for most people. This is because we don’t play or work out as much as we think we do and we are paying for many perks that we will never use.

Our salvation comes with the most beneficial perks of any investment. Surely He will do us good! Instead of access to tennis courts, he gives us 24/7 access to him through prayer. Many Christians unfortunately waste this valuable resource by not regularly spending time with God in prayer. He is more than a “bandaid” God who is only on call for troubles and disaster. He wants to hear about our thankfulness, thoughts, desires and petitions for others. Instead of course records or history of the course designer, we have access to the word of God through the written word and His guidance through the Holy Spirit. His word is a living word meaning it is timeless and never grows out of date. It is just as applicable today as it was when the words were written. Instead of stock certificates indicating our status as a member, we have God’s promise of eternal salvation once we repent and place our faith in him. Memberships to facilities are only good for a month or a year before you have to renew and commit for another period. Belief in Christ is eternal, everlasting and ever changing. The benefits do not change one year to the next. In fact, the benefits actually increase because as we grow older and stronger in the faith, we see how she “surely does us good.” He promises to never leave us or forsake us. All believers can attest!

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