1 John 1:1

That which was from the beginning, which we have heard, which we have seen with our eyes, which we have looked upon, and our hands have handled, of the Word of life;

Odds are that we first heard about Bubba Watson and his clever shaping of shots from someone else’s description. Next, we probably saw it on television wondering how the ball ended up where he found it. Many of us have been fortunate enough to see it in person and wonder in amazement over not only his ability to make the shots but how he could even imagine his unique approach. Of course, the next step in the progression is for us to go to the range and attempt to try his action. These attempts probably didn’t last very long and we looked around in embarrassment to make sure no one was watching.

Little John testified to the greatness of truth of the gospel. What he had heard about, he was able to witness first hand. Further, not only did he see it, but he was able to experience it and live it! Our path to salvation and spiritual growth likely happened in the same fashion. We likely heard the gospel preached and taught by an old school, Bible believing preacher. It stimulated our interest and curiosity. This seed gave us an ability to see Jesus working in those around us. We wondered to ourselves, “what does this person have?” Then, finally once we gave our heart and life to Christ we were able to experience his abiding presence and guidance first hand. The apostles experienced Jesus raise the dead and heal the sick in his many miracles performed on earth. Further, Peter was kept from sinking into the sea by the hand of Jesus and Thomas was able to put his hand into Jesus’ side after the resurrection. Yet, we who have Christ dwelling within us are experiencing no less of a miracle. It took two opposing forces to come into agreement for salvation to be realized. We who were living as sinners were in direct opposition to the love and forgiveness offered through Jesus. This transformation and the type of love offered by and through Jesus is both amazing and unique. Let us be in awe and appreciate daily the unending grace and mercy we have witnessed, experienced and continue to feel each moment of our lives!

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