1 Chronicles 16:9

Sing unto him, sing psalms unto him, talk ye of all his wondrous works.

Two things I have learned about playing competitive golf. Don’t use poker chip sized coins to mark your ball and don’t converse as you would during a social round. I can understand both unwritten prohibitions. The poker chips are distracting to the putter anywhere the chip is placed. As for mindless chatter, it distracts the mind and makes it difficult to focus on the game. The same is true in our every day lives. We get distracted from the important things when we delve into the meaningless. Much of the conversation in which we engage are of the mindless variety without any substance or purpose. We feel the need to talk in order to fill any awkward silences. I am guilty as the next person, but we don’t praise God enough during our conversations. We should praise Him if for nothing else for our salvation, for our health and health of our family, the jobs we have and the fact He provides all of our needs with many of our wants. Yet, why do we still want to focus on gossip, speculations and ridicule the actions of others? If we aren’t talking about others we try and tell something we have accomplished. A wise preacher once said “a man never lowers himself more than when he attempts to lift himself up.” If we add more testimonies during our conversations of what God has done in our lives, friendships will become stronger and more positively rooted. God has given us something to talk about! Quality conversation will impact those who need a closer walk with Christ and strengthen them to do the same.

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