Ezekiel 3:19

19 But if you warn the wicked, and he does not turn from his wickedness, or from his wicked way, he shall die for his iniquity, but you will have delivered your soul.

Golfers are charged with the duty to yell “fore left” or “fore right” when an errant shot is mistakenly hit toward an unintended human target. When the ball is headed in its rightful direction toward the green or fairway, no warning is required because no one in danger. Interesting, it is also the most difficult ball flight to hit.

Believers have a similar (but more important and dire) duty to warn the world about the consequences of sin. We are charged to be the torch-bearers for Christ. If we don’t shine the light toward the right path and direction for those around us, who will? As long as we have given the warning, we “will have delivered” our soul from responsibility. Similarly, the exclaiming of “fore” is deemed a sufficient warning for those who may be in the line of golf’s equivalent of a foul ball. A warning only gets the attention of those who will realize they are in the path of danger. Whenever we are in an earshot of “fore” on a golf course, we immediately turn away or duck our heads. There is a certain amount of fear of harm or injury. When we think we could be in danger, we instinctively make a move so as to avoid injury. No one gives much of a though to a tornado watch. However, we take cover when “tornado warning” is flashed on our television screens. Whenever the Holy Spirit is working in conjunction with our warning, a realization occurs within the sinner. He or she realizes or is convicted that “they are wrong and Christ is right.” It is only then, the sinner will repent and turn away from the path of ruin. It is only because of Christ’s work and drawing, the sinner will have an internal change and desire for Christ to work in his/her life. We only have a duty to warn. The Holy Spirit facilitates the change of direction. Let’s have an earnest desire to yell “fore” before waywardness eventually bring upon ruin. Our society desires a golf course without “all that yelling” and disruption. Our quietness, however, has resulted in too many body shots.

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