Proverbs 27:21

As the fining pot for silver, and the furnace for gold; so is a man to his praise.

Shane Lowry is from the Republic of Ireland, but delighted the Northern Ireland crowd during his near flawless round of 63 yesterday at The Open Championship. The patrons energized Lowry as a native son to a round with no bogeys and eight birdies and vaulted him into a four stroke lead going into today’s final round.

In Psalms 27:21, Solomon wrote that we can tell much about a man by those who praise him. If he is praised by good and honest people, the same may be thought of him. Conversely, a man is considered deceitful and dishonest if his crowd is comprised of the wicked. Further, we are judged by how we react to praise. If we are boastful and conceited when praised, we reflect a person who is weak. However, we will be deemed wise when we respond to compliments with a spirit of humbleness and modesty. It is harder for some of us to handle compliments than it is for criticism. Consider Jesus in both instances. Those who were in his corner were his family, disciples, those He healed, and other early converts. Each had nothing to gain and much to lose by their support for Jesus. His humbleness was reflected by his love and ultimate sacrifice for the salvation of generations to come. Our worth is measured by His loss. If we have Jesus in our corner, we are justified and guaranteed victory. Our sanctification and rejection of the worldly standards reveal His presence in our lives.

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