Isaiah 5:1

Let me sing for my beloved my love song concerning his vineyard: My beloved had a vineyard on a very fertile hill.

On average, amateur golfers hit less than 50% of the fairways and only a third of the greens in regulation. Positioning in golf is everything. If you don’t hit fairways, it’s going to be difficult to hit greens. If you don’t hit greens, the likelihood of making birdies is greatly diminished. Actually more bogeys than pars will follow a missed green by an amateur. When we miss greens we find ourselves short-sighted, in a bunker, or in heavy rough. Positioning is indeed everything!

God has placed us in the greatest position for us to thrive as a believer. He has planted us in the most fertile ground for the best possible growth. Just like some plants which flourish in different types of soil and amount of sunlight, Christians need different types of environments and amounts of watering. Believers are the vines of Christ and are expected to bear the fruits of faith, hope, love, and kindness. He not only expects growth from His vine, but also production. Let us take advantage of our positioning!

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