John 15:11

These things have I spoken unto you, that my joy might remain in you, and that your joy might be full.

Earthly happiness is easy it is to find if we are compromising enough or have sufficient financing. The world is full of things to make us happy: new cars, new phones, new boats, new golf clubs, and beach vacations. If you think about it, the flesh is rather easy to please. However, happiness is fleeting. That 66 you posted at your home course last summer impressed your friends and put you on “cloud nine” for a bit, but now no one mentions it. The phone is already out of date and the new boat sits in the garage, but the payments on both continue.

Salvation and the things of Christ cause true joy within a person’s life. “Joy” is a deeper purer feeling of happiness and longer lasting. Jesus in the fifteenth chapter of John spoke of the fruits which result from the life of the believer because he is a vine stemming from the “tree of life.” If we obey His commandments of love, our joy will not only remain, it will be full. Love cures contentions, strife, grumblings and discord. Ironically, the earthly things mentioned earlier are the root of many hardships within our life. Godly love is pure because it cannot be spoiled as it has no expiration date. Some of you have done extraordinary things in the name of Christ. You’ve pastored churches, you’ve went on missionary trips halfway across the world, and have led many people to Christ. However, God doesn’t love you any more now than he did before. Not to say these efforts are not commendable or appreciated by God, but it highlights His extraordinary love for each of us irrespective of our good works. His love cannot be fully comprehended by our earthly minds. When your happiness is fuller than your joy, love more.

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