Psalm 92:10

I shall be anointed with fresh oil.

When Tiger Woods burst onto the golf stage by winning tournaments and majors at a record clip, the golf business boomed. His dominance combined with a vibrant economy were a perfect storm. New courses were being built, new clubhouses with all the amenities were erected for all the the members and the club manufacturers enjoyed record sales. However, reality set in when the economy tanked and Tiger was unable to regularly compete due to personal and physical problems. He was indeed the needle and perhaps he still is by his recent comeback. In the last few years, many local courses are back to having sustainable income with a renewed interest among the youth.

After years and decades of the Christian walk, it is easy for the believer to become stagnant and content with his or her current position. Growth is no longer desired. Yet, we still expect God to move in our lives like He always did, but with only half the effort on our part. We begin to take for granted Sunday night services or Wednesday night Bible study. Without God’s prayerful guidance, we step down from church positions and use the excuse “it’s time for someone else to step up.”

The cure for contentment is the same promise of “fresh oil” claimed by David in Psalm 92. This fresh oil allows us to regain our strength and confirms our positioning within the kingdom of God. We cannot lose our salvation, but like David, we can find ourselves without the same joy from it. The “fresh oil” is a rejuvenation of our joy. The fresh oil is the substance required for a rededication to Christ. We find joy in our renewed desire for service and also have a new testimony to share with others believers who may feel downtrodden and tired.

Those who loved the game of golf for its purity and enjoyment never left the game. The “fringers” who only played or watched when Tiger was in contention will never fully return to the game. Similarly, those who have only had an emotional “religious” experience one Sunday morning cannot be renewed by the “fresh oil.” They have not fully believed in Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior. The purity of the true believer cannot be so tarnished. We may become a little rusty, but thankfully the “fresh oil” polishes us up rather nicely.

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