Mark 4:17

And have no root in themselves, and so endure but for a time.

Hitting an iron shot around the close vicinity of a tree is a dangerous proposition. The root system of tree is vast and rather sturdy. Thus, an injured wrist is highly likely when a piece of iron is swung at a high rate of speed and unknowingly into a hidden tree root. Tree roots do not have much “give”. Additionally, a golfer must have great confidence in his or her abilities. A bad result is highly likely if there is any doubt of the line of a putt or the swing off of a tee box surrounded by out of bounds. Recall the last time you attempted to take a swing anywhere near the limb of a tree. No matter how many times you take a practice swing assuring yourself the limb is clear of the club’s path, the fear of the possibility of still striking the limb is not eliminated. The swing, in turn, is thwarted by this fear.

Believers in Christ must have a “root in themselves”. This “root” isn’t a self absorbed boasting or confidence in our own abilities. The “root” is a confidence in our salvation and our relationship in Christ. It is not a familial connection, church affiliation or a dependence on a religious creed or device. People and entities are only able to persist or sustain for a season. When we have dependence based these “things”, we are destined for failure and disappointment.

We are to be rooted in Christ. Unlike the branches, the root does not sway as it is attached to the tree and secured by the soil. The soul can neither be secured by a device nor creed. Our belief system is founded upon the teachings of Jesus Christ and preserved by His shed blood in Calvary. The root of our salvation has been eternally preserved. A true work of grace is real, permanent, and lasting. A Christian’s root system defends against any and all external forces. This “grounding” creates a confidence through an infallible spiritual structure.

The believer, just as a tree’s root system, has a strength that is not readily visible from the outside. Many of us may seem physically weak and worn on the outside, yet the indwelling of Holy Spirit empowers us infinitely from within. Take confidence in your “grounding” through Christ. The confidence we have through Him has “staying power” for a lifetime.

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