Romans 7:23

But I see another law in my members, warring against the law of my mind, and bringing me into captivity to the law of sin, which is in my members.

Some days no matter how hard we try, the mind and body just will not coordinate. Your mind knows how to swing the club, but your body just can’t get into the correct positions. They feel disjointed beyond correction.

Even though Paul was a dedicated and faithful servant of Jesus Christ, he realized the conflict that still existed between his saved soul and his “unsaved members.” Paul experienced and lived the freedom of living in the spirit, yet still knew of the captivating reality of sin and the body’s fleshly desires. Our flesh will never be reconciled with God.

Charles Spurgeon spoke of the differing desires as “principles”. The saved soul has developed into the new principle while the flesh has remained unchanged and thus is an old principle. Think of the battle in terms of a pie chart. The more control we give the old principle, or flesh, the less area remains for our new principle to influence.

Even on our “good days”, our soul is still at enmity with our body. Spurgeon aptly declared that “the old nature is of the earth” and “must be crucified with Christ and buried with him.” The flesh is too defiled for mending and is always at odds with new principle.

Recall the last time, you were “on a heater.” You made the turn at even or under par. It is easy to allow our minds to overpower our bodies by reminding it that “you’ve never been here before” and “prepare for the wheels to fall off.” We allow our mind and its negativity to have control over our body. Even though, our body has successful performed for nine holes, the mind can convince it that it cannot hold up for an entire round even though past performance has proved otherwise.

Recall the supposed jinx of making a birdie on the first hole of a round. Instantly, we think, “it’s all downhill from here.” Similar reasoning should allow our mind to focus on positivity and realize that if we can birdie the first hole, we should be able to birdie the second. Paul referred to his “old member” as being “captivating.” He understood the battle between the saved soul and the earthly mind. If allowed too much influence, the captivating “old member” extinguishes much of the confidence we have through Christ.

If allowed, the flesh can captivate the joy of our salvation. In reality we cannot lose our salvation, but the carnal mind attempts to discourage us even during our “good days.” In Romans 8:5, Paul taught “for they that are after the flesh do mind the things of the flesh; but they that are after the Spirit the things of the Spirit.” Let us pray daily to focus upon our regenerated soul and things of the Spirit. For this “member” has been reborn and rejuvenated unto our Savior. If we focus on our past victories over the flesh, we are reminded of the power we have through and by Him. Past performance can indeed predict a future return. We have this promise in our Savior!

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