2 Corinthians 4:4

In whom the god of this world hath blinded the minds of them which believe not, lest the light of the glorious gospel of Christ, who is the image of God, should shine unto them.

The grass is cut low on a putting green so that the roll of the ball is both reliable and predictable on the flat smooth surface. The golfer is able to see and thereby make provision for the breaks and the contours of the ground. Some golfers even use their feet and stand near the line of the putt to “feel” any subtle breaks.

The grass in a Christian’s life isn’t always cut low and many times the rough grass is from our own choices. We are not always able to discern the contours and “breaks” of our life path we trod. If we eliminate “the rough” or the distractions in our life, we can spiritually see the proper “line” of our life. Sin is a blinding force.

Paul preached that the god of this world blinds the eyes of the lost. The grass is so high and the terrain so rough in the life of the unsaved that he or she must depend upon “feeling” to navigate the contours. These “feelings” and emotions guide one into a temporary comfort and security. Many of the unsaved are blinded because of a depraved conscious. This lost person is so indwelled with a particular sin, he or she has lost any reasoning of it’s wrongness. Others are blinded by their secure placement within the world. He or she has a good retirement income, house is paid off, and all of the kids are grown. They are now able to “live their best life.” When the “devices” of the spiritually blind are cut down, the lost soul is convicted of his or her unrighteousness and sinful condition. It is then the lost soul can see and depend upon the new light of the Savior.

The light of Christ mows down the growth of any obstacles or hindrances. The hurdles are still present, but they no longer have dominion over us. The eyes of the putter is able to read and avoid treacherous slopes or small particles in the path with a greater vision and perspective.

We were given new sight of a life unimaginable while we were abiding in the “high grass”. Doubtfully a lyric from the rapper Jay Z has ever been referenced in a Bible devotion, but in one of his songs he wrote “when the grass is cut, the snakes will show.” Deceit lives and makes it’s abode in darkness and covering. The lost are not able to see the danger, but for walking through the uncut grass. The believer, however, is able to discern evil and the snares of sin when we gain spiritual vision through Christ. This revelatory vision is the “glorious gospel of Christ.” We were once blinded by our sins and lusts of world. Then, when that light convicted us of our dark condition, we put our full faith into this new light and new vision. He forever changed our vision and we not longer have to “feel around” for danger.

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