Genesis 26:15

For all the wells which his father’s servants had digged in the days of Abraham his father, the Philistines had stopped them, and filled them with earth.

There will always be a premium to hitting the ball out of a fairway. It is a onerous thing to find yourself punching out of trees or chopping balls out of high rough for much of the day. The ability to have an approach from the fairway increases the golfer’s odds of making birdie for a reason. The grass is cut cleaner and there are no any obstructions between you and the flag.

We are to be thankful for our prior generations who dug the wells of worship for us. Having a faithful grandparent and/or a praying parent gave us a spiritual springboard in this life. They took us to Sunday School and Bible School and taught us how to behave in a Sunday morning church service. They showed us it was okay to worship a risen Savior. They laid the groundwork in that old one room church without even a piano, but still faithfully sung the songs of Zion. It was that faithful preacher who studied all week for one sermon that helped plant that the seed of faith which blossomed into a conviction to come to Christ as Lord and Savior. These wells are the ones worthy from which to drink.

Our enemy will never cease to attempt to refill the dug wells with “earthly dirt.” He realizes the importance of the groundwork laid by our spiritual forefathers. Much work, time and effort will have to be expended if it is necessary to redig these wells of worship. A well is an important asset as it contains the living water which is vital for our spiritual survival. Refilling the wells does nothing to the existence of the flowing water, but creates an unnecessary burden if they have to be redug.

We must consider whether our swells been filled with “earth” or are we ignoring the spiritual wells in an attempt to find new water in error? The enemy would love for us to waste a portion of our life digging in areas where no water exists. Additionally, he would love for us to try and survive on muddy water contaminate by false doctrine. The enemy attempts to disguise or blind our eyes as to where these fruitful and pure wells already exist.

I pray we will have keen spiritual eyes and make a priority of keeping these spiritual wells open and free from any pollutants. The spiritual lives of children and our children’s children are dependent on this living water. These wells teach that salvation is only by and through faith in Jesus Christ. These wells bring forth a desire to be baptized by the Holy Spirit. These pure wells give us a desire to serve Him and His church. These wells are the only avenue that the future generations will be passed on a pure form of worship.

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