Psalms 61:2

From the end of the earth will I cry unto thee, when my heart is overwhelmed: lead me to the rock that is higher than I.

David was greatly burdened by the betrayal and revolt of his favorite son Absalom. Not only did Absalom want to have the power, but he wanted his dad’s head as physical proof of his authority. He sought David’s life and therefore David had to seek higher ground.

This week three of us stole a day away from reality before the snow began fall and walked 18 holes at one of the local courses. The conditions were perfect and the course was relatively wide open. I must admit that the fellowship rating was higher than the level of golf being played. This occurrence is often the case this time of year.

One hole is a dogleg left with a green that cannot be seen and a slew of trees protecting the entire left side. It is enticing to try and draw the tee shot around the trees and create a short cut leaving around 100 yards to the hole. The odds of this actually happening is relatively low as there is also a steep bank which will send ball back toward the trees.

As is the case on most golf courses with blind tee shots, there is a marker for the intended target for a “safe” shot. On this hole, the target is a large rock which is located on the right side of the fairway. If a shot is hit toward the rock, the player has a perfect look at the flag.

When his strength was weak and his heart broken, David sought the “higher rock.” Just as the rock on the golf course, the rock mentioned in Psalms 61 is securely placed and isn’t going anywhere. Generations will be able to depend upon this rock for a target. Christ is to be our “higher rock.” He is higher not only in position, but in His ways.

Interestingly, David described this rock was being “higher than I.” It was not on the same level as he. One of the first realizations after beginning a relationship with Jesus is that He is not on our level. His ways are much higher and his results are much more dependable. Further, we sometimes need help reaching this higher level. Jesus’ hand is always outstretched for His children, but it is of no consequence if our head is in the down direction. It is important to have those playing partners to give you the advice to “hit it toward the rock!” Nothing more, nothing less, but “your target is the rock.” Any other swing thought or “living thought” creates doubt and our focus is dimmed. When our heart is aching and our confidence is lacking, “aim for the rock!”

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