Acts 8:20

But Peter said unto him, Thy money perish with thee, because thou hast thought that the gift of God may be purchased with money.

If a good golf game could be bought, our local courses would be full of scratch golfers. The same is true for the ability to play the guitar or piano or the necessary skills to work on an automobile. We are living in a “instant” society where we would like to believe everyone should have equal abilities.

The presence of the Holy Spirit is a miraculous work within the believer. His presence allows us to have a direct connection with heaven. It cannot be bought or stolen, but only received by placing faith in Jesus Christ. This faith is initiated by a repentance of sin and an acknowledge of a sinful or lost condition. The Holy Spirit is the convicting agent revealing man’s lost condition. We then first realize our cleansing cannot be accomplished within our own doings or earthly status, but only by and through the perfect sacrifice of Jesus Christ. We must place our faith in Him because we know we are incapable of “keeping ourselves.”

In the scripture above, Simon was jealous because the apostles Peter and John received the power of the Holy Spirit. He desired the ability to lay hands upon people and give them the Holy Spirit. Peter rightly informed Simon that money or physical status had nothing to do with it. He was told his heart was not right and repentance was necessary for he was in a “gall of bitterness” and “bond of inequity.” Sin is limits the working power of the Holy Spirit. The lost man does not possess the Holy Spirit because of sin and the power of the believer cannot fully function with unconfessed sin. Grace, mercy and forgiveness are received only by the office work of the Holy Spirit. Repentance is necessary.

The spiritual presence of God within us is the one thing Satan would love to have dominion over, but is the one thing that will ultimate lead to His demise. His presence cannot be monetarily bought and aren’t you glad? The preachers of past decades would often say if salvation could be bought with a check, millions would saved because of their “millions” even if it required a quick trip for financing. Conversely, however, many would be lost because of an inability to pay.

Thankfully, the price of salvation has already been paid for us, but there is a “cost”, however, that our society is not willing to pay. The believer already has the realization that the “cost” of acknowledging the limitation of “self” is really a benefit. Our world lives in unbelief of any influence above and beyond its own power because of a sense of equality. Status lines are increasingly blurred. If I buy a sports car, I should have the same ability to drive it like Dale Jr. If I spend the money and buy the same set of irons used by Tiger Woods, I should have the same ability to hit them. Let us be thankful we are not dependent upon finances or our earthly possessions for salvation. I surely could not afford the price!

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