2 Corinthians 4:16

For which cause we faint not; but though our outward man perish, yet the inward man is renewed day by day

We rarely birdie the first hole to begin a round. However, when we do, there is a sense of being able to glide through the next 17 holes. The cushion grows further pronounced when the birdie is followed by a few pars. It is easy for the human mind and body to relax following physical success.

Such is the same with spiritual success after a moving Sunday morning church service. We feel as if we have the week already defeated on the basis of one spiritual movement. We then become spiritually relaxed and lackadaisical. The same is true after many people receive salvation. They continue in the boastful attitude of “I have it all beat now.” True, salvation is eternal and perfect, but the attitude from salvation is never one of relaxation.

Paul taught about the necessity of renewing our spirit each day. When we became saved, the earthly man died out to our reborn soul. It is then, however, that the real struggle begins. Our flesh was not saved and still has the lusts and desires of the world. It battles our inward spirit for superiority.

Our sanctified soul continually desires a closer walk with our Savior. Paul, in 1 Corinthians 15:31, wrote that he died daily. He knew the necessity of a daily rededication to Christ. For some reason, the believer today sees the act of rededication as something we do following a period of backslide or a “severe enough” sinful act. Regular rededication is required for a close walk with our Lord. Our daily thoughts, desires and actions gather worldly residue in our spiritual filter. A daily renewal refreshes our desire to strive towards Christ and a greater appreciation for our victories in His name. Moreover, this “daily death” and “inward renewal” give us a want and a desire for more victories in His name.

Let us not become “just satisfied” with our salvation and relationship with Christ. If we birdie the first hole, we should have a greater will and expectation of the same result on the second. If we become comfortable in our safe place, we allow “self” to have an overriding cushion. Cruise control is detrimental to our spiritual growth and development. Even when we put our automobiles into this position on the interstate, we still must have our foot close to the brake and a consciousness of any hazards or other approaching vehicles. The conscious believer is renewed by daily prayer and scriptural study. By these means we receive our guidance, strength and confidence.

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