Romans 8:14

For as many as are led by the Spirit of God, they are the sons of God.

Our attention span as a society is growing smaller and smaller. We feel the need to be constantly multi-tasking. Even when we can’t physically multi-task, we are mentally doing so while we are engaged in a work or recreational activity. One is my biggest pet-peeves is the sudden advent of the playing of music on the golf course. Last year whether it be a leisurely Saturday evening round or during a pro-am, I heard numerous cell phones on the course blasting their music from across fairways. I guess to a certain extent I am jealous that these golfers are able to concentrate on playing while listening to loud music. We have become reliant on needing something to get us motivated for an activity – even a recreational endeavor. Our minds have to be kept busy and most of the time this busyness is a needless distraction. Consider the number of open apps on our cell phone or open tabs on our personal computer. Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube allow us to watch videos and read about gossip for an entire shift while at work. Sadly, others are dependent on pornography or other x-rated materials in order to have a relationship with their own spouse. We are a dependent people.

Our prayer life has but one dependency – the Holy Spirit. The Spirit leads and guides the believer in the ability to effectually petition our Heavenly Father. What a great comforter He is! It is the Spirit who inscribes our true needs and our real desires upon our hearts. It is God’s Word and the Spirit who inform the believer as to the will of God. If our prayer fails to be led by a desire of His will and by the Spirit’s guide, our prayer is selfish and of naught. Selfishness or a desire to impress the church body with our eloquence is merely vain babblings which become abominations in the eyes of the Heavenly Father.

When we are led in prayer by the Holy Spirit, our motivation is God-centered and need-worthy. In the early 1600’s, James Ussher explained that, “roving imaginations, inordinate affections, dullness of spirit, weakness of faith, coldness in feeling, faintness in asking, weariness in waiting, [or] too much passion” are possible hindrances for prayers when we are not led by the Spirit. Just as a blaring radio can be a distraction on the golf course, these aforementioned travails will relax our dependency of a Spirit-led prayer life.

The presence and guidance of Holy Spirit is the greatest asset to the believer. After all, it was the Spirit which originally convicted us to the need of a Savior. However, our self-will can distract us from His yearnings and desires. Let us desire to be Spirit dependent as we make our petitions known unto God. His presence and guidance are necessary for us to understand our needs. If allowed, the “noise” from the outside will disrupt our spiritual focus.

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