Philippians 1:10

That ye may approve things that are excellent; that ye may be sincere and without offence till the day of Christ;

Millions of dollars are made and lost in the fake golf club industry each year. Scottie Cameron putters are the Louis Vuitton purses of the golf world. The more valuable the item, the greater the reason to try and counterfeit it’s production. The word “sincere” in its root means “without wax”. For generations, wax was used to cover up any imperfections in marble so that the “would be” buyer would not be alerted to a problem. Ancient Roman craftsmen would use the term “sine cera” to describe their sculptures in the marketplace as genuine and without any wax used to cover up a blemish. The practice is similar to eBay retailers today assuring the buyer the item is 100% authentic.

God desires us to be the Christian without any wax needed to cover up any of our impurities or scars. When we are washed with the blood of the lamb of Christ, we are wiped clean of any sinful impurities which would need any earthly wax to cover up a stain or crack. It is when we allow the world to infiltrate our holiness and inner-most desires that we try and apply the wax in order to hide the defect.

Further, Paul taught the church at Philippi to desire these “excellent” things of purity. Our society today is addicted to the fake and the most serious guilt is not with knockoff designer handbags. Satan is the great deceiver. He attempts to mimic and pollute any facet or work of God in order to devour and deceive those who are satisfied with the wax. Our houses of worship are in need of signs designating those of which that are “without wax” and strive to only teach and preach “what thus saith the word” of God.” The denominational church “wax” allows for worldly compromise and lends itself to the “tickling of ears” in its preaching.

There is no doubt “wax” allows the worshipper to feel good and have a periodic emotional experience just as the buyer of the “waxed” craft feels great about his or her savings for a moment. However, as time passes, the applied wax begins to discolor and reveal itself to be separate from the real work. Similarly, the fake religion cannot withstand the trials of the world and the tests of time. The owner is left with much to be desired and disappointment.

Our Savior is “without wax” and His word is tried and true. All who have accepted Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior desires and is only satisfied with the pure, full and excellent salvation received therefrom. One day the wax will be melted and all impurities will be revealed. It is from Him, we receive forgiveness of our imperfections. It is through Jesus Christ, we receive our promise of eternal life. One day we will live in a world where nothing will be in need of wax. He is certainly worthy of our praise!

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