2 Kings 3:17

For thus saith the LORD, Ye shall not see wind, neither shall ye see rain; yet that valley shall be filled with water, that ye may drink, both ye, and your cattle, and your beasts.

How many times have you seen or did something on the golf course that you wished it was captured on video? The ball that bounces three times, changes course and then somehow falls in the hole. The ball that heads violently into the trees on one side, then somehow bounces out on the opposite side. Unexplainable things happen in our lives and we instantly want an explanation.

Amateurs watch in amazement to see Tiger Woods or Justin Thomas draw or fade a ball with a long iron around a thicket of trees. We see Phil Mickelson hit a ball out of the sand, 10 feet above the hole, and have it perfectly spin back toward the cup. We ask ourselves how can we do that? We instinctively search videos and instruction to show us how to manipulate our hands, the club and our feet in order to immolate their results. The fact is “that is what they do.” Highly skilled professional athletes do not have to think about any of those body manipulations. They decide upon a shot shape, see it in their imaginations and can instinctively make it happen.

Our God just makes things happen. We shouldn’t waste our time and energy wondering how and why our God does His work. It’s what he does. As was written in 2 Kings 3:17, we don’t see how He does things, yet we still depend upon them for our physical and spiritual sustenance. This dependable realization is the essence of our faith. Our contentment as a believer is based upon an acknowledgement that we don’t know everything and never will while we are in this body. We solely have the confidence that He is going to provide just as He freely gave us His son.

The same is true for our golf games or any other earthly endeavor. Most of us are never going to hit a golf ball 300 yards. So instead of wasting time trying to do so, we need to accept it as fact and work on other ways to improve and advance. Being a good putter or chipper of the golf ball is not as visually appealing or pleasing as blasting drives off the tee. Similarly, vacuuming the sanctuary after Sunday services may not be as satisfying as being able to sing solos during a Christmas cantata. Yet, both are valuable services provided to the advancement of God’s kingdom. We all have different gifts, talents and callings. We can’t worry ourselves into a depressed state wondering the “why” or the “how.” It’s just what He does and for that we are thankful!

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