Ephesians 6:24

Grace be with all them that love our Lord Jesus Christ in sincerity. Amen.

A golfer posted a $100 reward at one of the local courses for his lost Scotty Cameron putter. The purpose of a reward interestingly is to incite interest in an otherwise unwilling or uncaring person. There wouldn’t be much interest in anyone looking for someone else’s lost possession but for some sort of benefit if it can be found. However, a mother doesn’t have to offer a reward to find her lost child. There is an indescribable great connection and bond between parent and child. Even the disinterested could appreciate such a bond. Christ desires this sort of bond. Separation from God should trouble the heart of the believer.

The love for Christ by the believer is born from His grace and His mercies. We were not drawn to him because of His blessings and promise of an eternal abode in heaven. They are certainly a benefit, but our love is grounded because of His sacrificial death for us. We were at enmity with Him, yet He submitted himself in our stead on the cross for our sins. The world sees a lost soul as the mislaid putter and a reward is necessary for it to care, but God saw us as that child in need of a Savior.

Alexander the Great had two close friends in Haphaestion and Craterus. He was quoted to say, “Haphaestion loves me because I am Alexander; Craterus loves me because I am king Alexander.” Christ wants us to love Him for who He is more than for the titles He holds. We all have friends, acquaintances, and maybe even family members who we hear from more frequently when they are in need. Some of you are probably supervisors or have connections which lend itself to people “needing something” because of your position to “give something.” When people come to us only in a time of need, we begin to doubt the sincerity of the relationship. We worship Christ for who He was, who He is, and who He will be. We needed Him for salvation when we were lost and will find His mercies necessary today for our transgressions. We gain these benefits because He is forgiveness, grace, mercy, and long suffering.

Let us love Christ with great sincerity. One of the fruits of a genuine love is the constant contemplation of God. David wrote in Psalm 139:18, “when I awake, I am still with thee.” David grew to a point when God was on his mind as soon as he opened his eyes each morning and stayed there until he closed them at night. The Puritan preacher Thomas Watson wrote, “God is the treasure, and where the treasure is, there is the heart..” I pray for that increased yearning for Christ’s presence each day. It is truly a treasure and as we mature His constant presence becomes a necessity! “I need thee, O I need thee, every hour I need thee!”

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