Philippians 2:14

Do all things without murmurings and disputings.

Attitudes are contagious. When a person criticizes the status of a course, all those who are in earshot are automatically turned off to playing the course anytime soon. The last couple years I was convinced one of our local courses was a little more than a cattle pasture after hearing about its condition. We have to keep in mind, we all have different desires for a golf course. Some of us place importance on tee boxes, some have to have perfect greens, while others need to have lush fairways. An establishment’s negative reviews have a tendency to have a lingering effect. Like a virus, they can infect anyone with whom contact is made. Sometimes the opinion is warranted while other times the criticism is based solely on that one person’s need or desire at the time of the visit.

The believer has a desire to always uplift the works and power of our Lord. Thomas Watson wrote that, “He who loves God will endeavour to make Him appear glorious in the eyes of others.” This attitude is one which intrigues the sensibilities of the lost. They will wonder how this Savior can be so good to always be glorified by those within His fold. In times of prosperity, He is given thanks and in times of trial and turmoil, He is worshipped for his mercy and provision.

A believer has no reason to give a bad review for God’s love and faithfulness. It is always consistent and delivered on time. Watson explained that, “If we love God, we shall spread abroad His excellences, that so we may raise His fame and esteem, and may induce others to fall in love with Him.” When we criticize, it is usually from an attitude that we “didn’t get what we deserve.” Thus, the only criticism possible of God is through His providing us His undeserved mercy and grace. The believer then realizes, these bestowments are also greatest attributes. This testimony is contagious to a discontented world in great need of Him.

The greater the blessing bestowed, the greater the sacrifice required. I was fortunate a couple times to play the courses at Pebble Beach. From the time of arrival, the golfer is treated like a king or queen. The courses are maintained to perfection, but so are the amenities. You can take as many bottles of water as your bag will handle! However, the cost for the golfer is extreme. Consider the greatness of the graces and mercies we are given through Christ. They are great, but so was His sacrifice. Let us make a point to always let others know of our great testimony. These personal experiences are more profound and contagious than any Google or Yelp review.

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