John 3:16

For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.

“Old man golf” is a term often used to describe a type of golfer who doesn’t physically have the power or length of a 25 year old. Yet, he or she is still able to compete with anyone because of the ability to hit the ball straight, chip the ball close and make all putts from a reasonable distance. Sounds pretty simple, right? The “old man” game isn’t particularly sexy to the eye, but is every effective. Many times I have handed in a losing scorecard following a round when I have outdriven my playing competitors. My drives resulted in short irons or wedges as approaches into the green, but led to bogeys because of missed greens and missed five foot putts.

The basics of avoiding three putts and hitting the ball out of position is just like common sense and taking necessary precautions in life. The basics of our spirituality is a return to Christ and His love for us.

A long drive is aesthetically pleasing to the eye, but doesn’t guarantee success. The basics in every area whether it be writing, math, sports, or our foundation in Christ provide the foundation for our success. We may be dressed up on the outside, but this appearance does not guarantee spiritual purity.

John 3:16 is a verse that we all memorize at an early age. We can easily verbalize the words, but often we are guilty of taking for granted its fundamental truths. It contains the reason for our being today and our promised hope for the future. John 3:16 has it all – selfless sacrifice, abiding love, present life and an eternal promise. There is no religious rigidity in John 3:16. Jesus speaks of a higher calling and purpose which is basic, yet impossible to grasp by a worldly mind. Our Savior’s words are not dressed up and contains stains of blood.

The mere words of John 3:16 are not in themselves sanitary to the lost, but yet the meaning and the truths are most cleansing when applied by the direction of His convicting power. Selflessness and pure love for our neighbors are not qualities which are inherent to our being. When we apply the basic truths taught of Christ, however, these qualities become basic and natural.

Anyone athlete who depends upon pure natural ability to succeed has times when “it” just isn’t there. These times demand a return to the basics. Our world is in a state of turmoil as our natural abilities and devices are being found to be vulnerable and faulty. We see a world shut down because of contagious fears from Covid-19. It is now we must recall our remembrance of the basic truths – God still loves us and God is still in control. These truths are our testimony to those around us who are broken, fearful and in a state of worry. On 3/16, let us return to 3:16!

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