Luke 5:28

And he left all, rose up, and followed him.

Forgetting a sand wedge lying on or beside a putting green somewhere on the course is a relatively common thing. We get distracted and exit to the next hole in a different direction from which we came. Not many people, however, have left their entire bag. I must admit I have accomplished such a feat. After finishing up the round, I went inside in the pro shop, began talking, and left the course without my golf bag which sat off the cart in the grass.

This memory reminds me of the group of old men from the small town sitting around talking about the wealthy businessman who just died. The men verbally inventoried all the wealthy man’s property in the surrounding county, his businesses, and all of the antique cars in his garages. One of the men turned and asked the others “wonder how much he left?” One of them rose up and calmly said, “all of it!”

Whether we are poor or monetarily blessed beyond imagination, one day we will leave it all behind. One day, our earthly possessions will be forgotten and passed onto a friend or family member. These people will more than likely sell your valuables at a yard sell or auction for a meager percentage of what you paid because he or she has no use for them any longer.

When we follow Christ, we follow without need of possessions or preparation because He provides us with everything necessary for our success. Just like the publican Levi in Luke 5:28, we are called to leave it all behind when we receive the call from Christ. This truth is reflected both in our life as well as in death. Jesus, in Luke 5:27, simply asked Levi to “follow me.” There were no questions or contingencies involved. When God first calls us to service, we follow Him. When God calls us home for eternity, no thought or concern will be for the things we are leaving behind.

At our time of salvation, we consider not the habits or devices from which we are freed. We failure our additions rather than the subtractions and distractions. We realize that these “things” of heartache are no longer needed and hinder our walk with Christ. The same is true when we are called into eternity. We leave not “things”, but a passed life in a world of sin and corruption. As we grow older, we get to a point where we accept that we own nothing of true benefit within the world. Our faith in Christ becomes paramount because we realize the true fault and stain of everything else.

Our relationship with Christ is more than a mere distraction from the things of the world. Our salvation is more than something that allows us to forget our “things.” Our faith is an intimate relationship with Christ and voluntary abandonment of all worldly worthlessness. Do you follow?

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