Luke 16:10

He that is faithful in that which is least also is faithful in much: and he that is unjust in the least is unjust also in much.

A three foot putt is worth the same as a 320 yard drive in golf. This fact does not seem fair – drivers are longer in length, have flex, and difficult to control. Putting, on the other hand, can be done well by 80 year old grandmothers at any beach putt putt course. God does not measure matters on our degrees of importance. If you can’t be trusted in the small matters, you will not be given the responsibilities of the great. Inside your church there are many jobs completed that we may not readily see but are vital to having Sunday worship services. Someone has to unlock the doors for the first visitors, pick up candy wrappers between the pews, vacuum the capers, and the adjust the HVAC temperature because of the incoming cold front. These are just a few of the seemingly insignificant jobs which are actually very important to the worship service. The scripture teaches you will not be given the responsibilities of the well seen if you do not appreciate the importance of the matters not so highly visible. We like people to see us pounding driver after driver over the netting at the range, but feel we are only wasting time until our tee time if we hit a few putts on the practice green. However, despite our practice routine, a player can get away with missing more fairways a round than four foot putts. My prayer for today is to realize the impact of the small things in the service of the Lord and perform these duties with the same diligence and excitement as the tasks readily evident by all. Bob Barker never gave anyone a car for hitting a long drive!

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