John 8:36

If the Son therefore shall make you free, ya shall be free indeed.

There are two common ways a professional golfer can attain a status on the PGA Tour – finish in the Top 125 on the PGA money list or finishing high enough on the tour the previous season. Even though he may have status for the current season, the status does nothing to insure status the following year.  Additionally, if you have a low priority status, qualifying one week does not even mean your status will get you into the next week’s field.  Tournaments such as The Masters have their own qualifications.  Thankfully salvation does not have a conditional status.  If you are made free by the blood of the lamb, you are free indeed and free for all of eternity.  A prisoner can escape from the prison guards and be free.  He may roam the hills for days or months or years, but will be incarcerated again when found by the authorities.  He was free, but not free indeed.  We, who are saved, are no longer shackled by the burden of sin or anything that may bind our flesh to this Earth.  There is no need to look back behind our shoulder afraid of being enslaved again.  My prayer today is one of thankfulness for the freedom of eternal salvation.

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