2 Timothy 3:16

All scripture is given by inspiration of God, and is profitable for doctrine, for reproof, for correction, for instruction in righteousness:

I love introducing the game of golf to both the young and old alike. I don’t mind giving tips on the fundamentals of a descent golf swing, training aids or even the most comfortable golf shoes. However, the thing that is the most uncomfortable and requires the most tact is giving direction with golf etiquette. It is difficult to tell someone not to stand so close to you when you swing, not to talk when someone is swinging, not to drive the cart so close to the green, be ready to play when it’s your turn, repair your divots on the greens or please don’t scoot your feet when traversing the green. We as Christians have a difficult time using scripture to correct or provide reproof to our friends and family in a loving manner. We allow the “man fearing spirit” take control and worry about not being socially accepted by the person in need or we are afraid things in “our house” may be brought up in response. First, we must make sure our houses are in order before attempting to correct others. The way we live our lives is our testimony. We can speak eloquently, be in church every time the doors are open and give generously when the plate is passed down our pew, but if we “live like Hell” Monday through Saturday our witness is effectively gone. Second, we must confront the person in the right spirit. The “right” spirit is one of love as the correction is to prevent them from further harm or destruction. Jesus always confronted the person in such manner. He spoke to his disciples in more direct and terse manner than he did to the adulteress and others in a sinful state. Lastly, we must be sound in the scripture, which is our powerful tool for reproof. A wise old man at our country church would always say, “it tells us what’s right and what ain’t, tells us how to get right, when we ain’t.” This aspect requires study, prayer and sometimes even life experience as to the adverse results of the given action. We see youth risking successful careers later on in adulthood by posting risqué pictures and/or utilizing unacceptable language accessible to all the world. Youth are being desensitized from what is a healthy sexual relationship by the television shows and movies coming from Hollywood. They are being mentally polluted by the lyrics of the musical artists glorified by the mainstream media. The Bible gives us clear direction with regard to allowing the flesh to lead our direction. Anything that satisfies our senses to the extent it separates us from God is a sin. The examples above are not isolated among our youth. How many times do we laugh at a sexually explicit joke told by our coworkers? My prayer is for the strength and boldness to confront others in need. I pray my actions are guided by love with an innocent heart.

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