Luke 23:23

And they were instant with loud voices, requiring that he might be crucified. And the voices of them and of the chief priests prevailed.

Each time I watch the movie “Tin Cup”, I have the dim hope Roy McAvoy might finally heed his caddie’s advice and take a drop after initially finding the water during the U.S Open. However, it never happens and McAvoy hits ball after ball into the water attempting to reach the green. Down to his last ball, McAvoy miraculously holes the difficult “approach” for a 12. We are often confronted in our life with making either the smart logical choice or the popular choice even with knowing the option to please man comes with likely consequences to our own detriment. Pilate was confronted with the option of either allowing Jesus go free or grant the wishes of the loud religious rulers. After much deliberation and interrogation, neither Pilate nor Herod could find sufficient reason to find our Christ guilty of any offense. However, Pilate succumbed to the pressures of the chief priests even though it meant a guiltless man would be crucified. Thankfully, our daily choices do not frequently result in physical life or death. The humorous phrase of the moment used by society today is “Hold My Beer.” This phrase is used when someone fails terribly and his cohort alerts someone to “watch this” as he/she plans to attempt to take the failure to another degree. Failure in our society is not regarded as failure if the action makes the public laugh or is entertaining. Accordingly, many people will make decisions to act to their own detriment in order to get a laugh or approval. Pilate knew the correct choice in his heart and mind. He deemed himself justified because of the immense public pressure. God knows our heart and is cognizant of the reasons we make certain decisions. We must be careful in discerning our own internal motives. Are we really acting innocently or do we have a secretive motive? Many times we are able to justify our decisions with ourselves or by the approval of our friends – we go for the par 5 green in two, not just for a lower score, but to show others we have the skill and power to hit a golf ball accurately. Let us act boldly in favor of Christ as we celebrate Good Friday and Easter. Society may not understand or may be angered with our actions, but we know we serve a risen Savior. He was the perfect sacrificial offering for the sins of our lives. If not for his virgin birth, sin would have been imputed upon his life and His sacrifice imperfect. The crucifixion was His voluntary substitution accepting the penalty for our sins. If not for His resurrection, we would have no hope for salvation as the sacrifice would have been ordinary and death would have prevailed just as it did for Buddha or Muhammed.

“The resurrected King is resurrecting me!”

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