Exodus 14:12

Is not this the word that we did tell thee in Egypt, saying, Let us alone, that we may serve the Egyptians? For it had been better for us to serve the Egyptians, than that we should die in the wilderness.

We all have dreams of playing Pebble Beach, Augusta National or Cypress Point. Some have those desires so strong that they would sacrifice a month or even a year’s salary to say they played on the famed fairways of these courses. We take for granted the courses we are privileged to play on a regular basis. The famous courses have the nice amenities of a large clubhouse, shoe polishers, and staff caddies. However, all of the niceties come at a steep cost. Our local courses have memories – memories of that day we skipped work to play a quick 9, the Saturday mornings playing with our now deceased father, and the laughs and lies you shared with your friends during that charity scramble. Sure, lifetime memories can be made at the historic courses and we would be blessed to spend a weekend at any of them, but our local courses are the places that made us. There, we first picked up a club and first shanked a ball into the road while a truck flew by seconds after we made contact. There, we hit that house on number 14 and then felt command of the Holy Spirit to immediately skip to hole 16 for some reason. God’s people in the scripture were no different from us today. The Israelites lived in intense slavery under the Pharaoh in Egypt. When they were freed from slavery and found themselves in the wilderness, they deemed it better to be under the bondage than die alone in the wilderness. They were finally granted freedom into the land of milk and only, only then to demand the return back into wilderness because of the giant sighting. We get an inferior complex and think the enemy (or the obstacle) is too great for us to succeed. There is a reason God has us in our current position and location. It may be to better serve others, but most likely it is to better serve Him. You may find yourself “stuck” at a church serving 100 congregants instead of the 1000’s at the churches on television. God has a message for you at your location – serve Him! You may be the most educated man in the country unfairly making $12 per hour barely making enough to cover your rent. God has a word for you – serve Him! There is a “big picture” method to what we consider God’s madness. Embrace the opportunity to grow in our current position and place where God has placed us. There is a reason you aren’t playing at that course in Augusta – there are bigger giants and bigger victories available at your home course. No one is would believe you parred all three holes on “Amen Corner” anyway!

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