Psalm 107:28

Then they cry unto the LORD in their trouble, and he bringeth them out of their distresses.

Do you as a believer ever take note of a announcer during a sports telecast offer “thoughts and wishes” to a named person who is ill or suffered a personal loss? I don’t know if this phrasing is a conscious effort to exclude any religious reference on air, but the omitting of “prayer” is always noticeable to me. When I am in need, I need your prayers. You can “wish” me a happy birthday, but when I suffer loss I desire you to petition the Heaven Father for comfort, guidance, and His healing power. The power of prayer is the most influential force we have as Christians. We who are saved and have a relationship with Christ are able to make a difference in the lives of the people around us via our prayers. Praying not only changes circumstances, but it changes the “pray-er.” Most importantly, the “sinner’s prayer” changes the pray-er’s life from one of disconnect and having no hope to one of eternal salvation through the shed blood of Christ. The sinner’s prayer is more than just an offering of a few words minimized by many of today’s religious leaders. In its truest form, we admit we are a sinner, believe that the life, death and resurrection of Christ is the only means by our salvation, and ask Christ to help us turn from the ways of our old self by having faith in Him. This genuine prayer causes true and permanent changes. We can “wish” and “offer thoughts” of having a different life, but these carnal requests make no genuine alteration in the life of man. I pray you have accepted Christ and put faith in Him as your personal Savior. If so, you realize the change He has made in your life!

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