2 Timothy 2:4

No man that warreth entangleth himself with the affairs of this life; that he may please him who hath chosen him to be a soldier.

We see professional athletes winning events or signing contracts worth millions of dollars and think to ourselves “this guy will never have a financial care in the world.” However, the more money we make, the more we spend and more money is necessary to sustain our quality of life. Many professional athletes are horrible stewards of their money. Their wealth is quickly eroded by buying second and third homes, vehicles costing six figures, newly discovered family members, or bad financial investments. Most of us have jobs which we depend upon for the financial support of ourselves and our families. We are expected to give all of our physical and mental efforts for eight hours a day and five days a week to our employer who in return provides a sustainable wage. Because of fleshly desires to want more “things” and better “things”, we enslave ourselves and families with the need of more income for these luxuries. In second Timothy, the faithful man is characterized as a soldier. In the times of the scripture, the Roman soldier was expected to be fully dedicated to his military obligations. They were not to be entangled in other business obligations, husbandry, or any other endeavor which would hinder their military discipline. We as Christians are to be soldiers of Christ and fully dedicated to His service as our General. He fully understands our need to have secular employment to provide for our financial necessities. However, we must make a conscious effort not to entangle ourselves in extra ventures which hinder our ability to serve our Savior. Many commit themselves to new bass boats which can only be utilized on Sundays because they have to work an extra Saturday shift to pay for it. Others will put emphasis on athletic pursuits for their children and spend every weekend away from their home and church for AAU or travel ball leagues. Christ expects us to make Him and His church to be our number one priority, not only for ourselves but also for our family. Our children see our priorities and where we places our financial and time resources. If serving Christ and His church is not a priority, they are not likely to make spiritual matters a priority for their future family. Our obligations as Christians provide for more than enough time for leisure, but it is a sin for us to allow these pursuits interfere with our Christian duties. We are all guilty are creating our own conflicts and unnecessary entanglements. These extra pursuits of the flesh are ever-fading and make no lasting impacts on our lives. Let’s make a dedicated effort to be the soldier and servant of Christ which causes generational changes! Lord knows we need it!

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