Deuteronomy 1:6

The LORD our God spake unto us in Horeb, saying, Ye have dwelt long enough in this mount:

We all have those holes when we’ve “beat it to death” and just had to pick up and take the mandatory maximum of whatever your playing group allows. You don’t want to slow down your group or impede the progress of the groups behind you so you write down a double par or double bogey.

Moses had already accomplished much as reflected in the first five verses of Deuteronomy. However, God spoke to him and told him “you’ve hung around here long enough.” During their almost one year camp near the mountain following their departure out of Egypt, the law had been given, the tabernacle was built and rulers were appointed over them. God had much more planned for Moses and the Israelites. God prepared Moses to occupy and possess vast territories which included the lands of the Amorites and Canaanites.

When we have a spiritual victory, it is easy for us to become content and sit idle for a period relishing in the accomplishment. God, however, has more work for us to do and has already prepared for us a pathway to even greater successes. We need not tarry in one place too long and become stagnant. When we are comfortable, we not only get in our own way, but we slow down the progress of others around us. The worst position for a Christian is comfort. God never uses a believer to his/her full potential within his/her comfort zone. Look at the many people in the Bible who were forced out of their “ordinary” to be become “extraordinary.” Moses had a speech impediment, Joseph was sold into slavery by his own people, Job lost all his possessions and most of his family, Paul was imprisoned and threatened with death and Jesus was tried and crucified by the people who he attempted to save. If God doesn’t currently have you in an active mission, He is giving you time to prepare for one to soon follow. Our strength to accomplish greatness comes only through him, but the preparation is by “spiritual push-ups”. This extensive regime is full of prayer, Bible study, and worship. When we speak of prayer, these are fervent heart felt prayers and not mere regurgitations of popular “praying” phrases. Let’s make a concerted effort to pick up our pace and make a difference both in the lives of Christians who look up to us and those who have yet to accept Christ as Savior.

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