Exodus 7:12

For they cast down every man his rod, and they became serpents: but Aaron’s rod swallowed up their rods.

Every year the big manufactures put new models of drivers on the shelves promising an extra 30-40 yards with increased accuracy. The prices climb each year and we continue to buy each year. By the time spring returns, we forgot our realization that the driver did nothing for our length or accuracy.

Moses and Aaron had a deep desire for Pharaoh to release the children of Israel from captivity. The Lord spoke to Moses and forewarned him that Pharaoh was going to ask him to show him a miracle when confronted with their request. As predicted Pharaoh indeed asked for a miracle. In compliance, Aaron casted down his rod in front of all of the servants and it turned into a snake. Not to be outdone, Pharaoh then demanded something from his magicians and sorcerers. They presumably turned their rods into snakes as well, but they were immediately swallowed up by Aaron’s rod.

When we had an issue of life before we became Christians, we usually bought the new and improved fix. As today’s lingo suggests, “there’s an app for that!” If we have difficulty or a need, we attempted to “buy the fix.” Infomercials are a big business and yet, we are burned time and time again. For example, if we can’t catch a fish, it must be the rod or the boat. Somehow fish have evolved through the years and aren’t fooled by the stick pole and jon boat method . Many times we don’t address our problem with “Aaron’s rod.” Aaron’s rod was such a powerful tool and is represented by the Holy Spirit in the life of the believer today. Whatever and whoever it touches will be forever changed and spiritually healed. The world has misplaced self-righteousness into devices and creeds. It has confidence in things, organizations, and formal religion. We, who have been transformed, finally came to a realization that none of these things work, but we went broke in the process. It is at this time of brokenness that we finally look to Christ for His saving grace and mercy. The lost around us want to see miracles. The miracle isn’t turning one inanimate object into another. It is accomplished by a change from a worldly, carnal, and selfish man one minute to a humble, loving, Holy Spirit desiring believer the next. This new creation in Christ devours any and all things the spirit of the world. Some believe Pharaoh’s wizards only used “smoke and mirrors” to make it appear their rods were serpents. Even it be the case, the work of Aaron’s rod is even more miraculous. Consider that the god of this world is a deceiver and a mimic. He attempts to do the same things of our God in a different and contrived fashion. However, we as believers are empowered with (1) the ability to discern the counterfeit workings of Satan and (2) the power to defeat any obstacle or enemy thrown at us. In order to be conquerors, we must daily arm ourselves with “Aaron’s rod.” Even though we are fully “armed”, we must be careful as to not become ensnared by the traps of this world as we once were prior to our miraculous transformation.

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