Matthew 3:17

and behold, a voice from heaven said, “This is my beloved Son, with whom I am well pleased.

On Tuesday, Webb Simpson’s caddie Paul Tesori and his foundation hosted an All Star Kid’s Clinic for special needs children prior to the start of the Wyndham Championship. Tesori’s goal for the rapidly growing event is “to create an event impossible to forget that displays the love of Jesus through lifelong memories for everyone involved – from the All-Star VIPS to the hosts, from the coaches to the parents, from the sponsors to the golf course staff – all through the vehicle of golf.”

One of the key attributes of Christ is encouragement. We all at times are in need of a “pick me up” and spiritual encouragement from those closest to us. Accordingly, one of the fruits of the Holy Spirit’s presence is encouragement. God’s people are to be encouragers.

The spirit within us directs us to encourage whenever possible. We may not all have the resources to help others financially, but not everyone in need is short of money. The people around us are broken, downtrodden, depressed, anxious, and abused. A smile, a kind word and the giving of our time are priceless to so many.

The support we are to provide and offer is from a Godly perspective. This type of encouragement is just, pure and everlasting. Worldly encouragement involves deceit and false hope. In 1 Thessalonians 5:11, we find the best form of encouragement. Paul instructed the church to “encourage one another and build one another up, just as you are doing.” This excitement he speaks of involved the free availability of salvation through Jesus Christ and his soon return for his people. When times are rough, the believer should get a boost to hear, “there’s a better day coming!” Times are difficult here and we will suffer bad breaks going through tough circumstances, but keep in mind, “I’m a child of the King!” What comfort the word of God and His promises provide!

As revealed by the scripture above, even Jesus appreciated the kind words from his Heavenly Father. After he was baptized, God’s voice descended from heaven to proclaim to the world, “That’s my son!” Jesus didn’t need those words, but assuredly they brought a smile to his face. The children of today need to be claimed. By “claimed”, they need to be surrounded, supported and loved by the whole community. I applaud Paul Tesori and his foundation for giving these children a day they will never forget through the love of Christ. On Tuesday each child was encouraged and assured they are loved!

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