Psalms 122:1

I was glad when they said to me, “Let us go to the house of the LORD!

Many golf clubs offer social memberships for those who don’t play tennis or golf but wish to be a part of the club for dining, parties, and other gatherings. All churches have members who evidently only signed up for the social memberships. They attend during special services such as Good Friday or if the church is having a special speaker. Attendance on the “other Sundays” and Wednesday’s depend upon convenience and if nothing else “comes up.”

David rejoiced when it was time for church. He knew the Lord’s house was the place to be whenever it’s doors or gates were opened. David realized from whom his blessings and protection came and deemed it was his duty to worship the Lord whenever he was given the opportunity. We can worship God whenever and wherever we wish. However, it is good to have a set appointed time so as all baptized believers can gather together. If we neglect God’s house on Sunday, there is a good chance we will also neglect prayer and Bible study throughout the week. A set time of worship holds us accountable. If you have a home church, be thankful for your pastor and your brothers and sisters in Christ!

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