Colossians 4:5

Walk in wisdom toward them that are without, redeeming the time.

It never fails a couple of times every summer, a group waiting to tee off on the first hole will ask us how many miles we walked as they see us exit off the ninth green. I always say it is about 2.5 miles but I probably got in 4 because of wayward shots causing the extra yardage.

Our Christian walk is to be purposefully directed to those who are lost. Paul taught us to be keenly aware of needlessly straying from the “fairways” as any detours lead to a waste of time.

If you’ve ran a road race which has not been sufficiently marked, you realize how easy it can be to miss a turn. When you see no one around, you quickly realize you have to backtrack to return in the right direction. It may be only a couple hundred yards, but having to run the extra distance is mentally exhausting knowing that you didn’t plan or prepare for anything more. If we are not careful, the missed turns we make daily can spiritually bog us down where we feel like we don’t have the energy to give to God.

Notice that the scripture prescribed “walking” and not “running”. Running leads to quicker exhaustion and the faster we go makes it much easier to miss the right directions. Our spiritual pace keeps us on track with the sufficient physical and mental energy to persevere. Exhaustion leads to mistakes and missteps. It is easy speak or act carelessly when we are fatigued. Visit your local church this morning in order to recharge for your spiritual walk this upcoming week.

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