Ecclesiastes 12:1

Remember now thy Creator in the days of thy youth, while the evil days come not, nor the years draw nigh, when thou shalt say, I have no pleasure in them;

One of the best things I’ve seen all summer is the number of youth who have joined our home course. They didn’t just play once or twice a week, but the kids had their parents bring them to the course almost every day and sometimes twice a day.

One of my regrets is not starting to play golf earlier in life. In the 80’s and 90’s, golf just wasn’t the “cool” or accepted sport to play. Plus, the closest course to our house was nearly 25 minutes away. When you are without a license and none of your friends play, it’s hard to get a ride to a golf course and then another ride home four hours later.

When you start playing golf early in life with lessons, a proper foundation of fundamentals can be laid. Usually, if you start playing later in life, it’s because one of your buddies drag you to a course. You pick up a club and swing it the best way you know how. This swing felt good and was natural to us because we played baseball all our lives. It is here that habits were born and quickly engrained into the muscle memory for years to come.

The Christian walk is no different. We are advised to “remember God in our youth.” In these formidable years, we have yet to develop many of the bad habits associated with adulthood. Additionally, if a Godly foundation has been poured under the life early, he or she will not have a faulty base to remove.

A child’s thinking is pure and not corrupted by the notions of an adult. We all want to be successful parents of children who are successful, capable, accepted, and moral. The Christian parents want these things for their children, but desire for them to be saved first and foremost. The Christian parents realize these attributes are part of the package.

When a Godly foundation is poured for your child, the groundwork to be a successful parent is being laid. When the concrete has set up and the weight of the world is placed on this foundation, the test of parenting begins. The child with Biblical fundamentals will have the tools and strength to withstand the pressure. The youth who do not have these teachings will react “the best way they know how” which is usually the path of least resistance or what feels the most comfortable. Does this sound familiar to the homemade adult swing? How does it usually work out? The homemade swing can be taught to be seemingly effective from time to time, but is usually not repeatable or capable of performance under the gun. Too much thinking under pressure leads to mistakes being made. Give you children the best possible chance to be saved at an early age. I’ve never heard anyone wish they’d waited until later in life to serve Christ.

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